Do you ponder the meaning and purpose of life? Are you a seeker or explorer in the realm of ideas? Join me on the journey…

— wanderer

Some Recent Thoughts

I Think, Therefore I Am?

“I Think, Therefore I Am.” What does this famous quote from René Descartes mean? Does it mean thinking is a precursor to being, or does it mean that the thought process itself is what proves to us our existence? I have heard some people interpret this as meaning that you only exist if you think. […]

An Agnostic Mystic?

Over the course of my life I have had experiences that I would call “mystical”, several of which were very profound. There have been times when I have been certain that there exists an immense, beautiful and benevolent Presence, in which we have our being, with which I have felt a deep connection, and even […]

Existence and Reality

What, exactly is this “existence” we appear to have? Let’s look at a few dictionary definitions: exist – to have actual being; bebe – to exist or live Ok, not much help there with the circular reference. Let’s go on. being -1. the fact of existing; existence2. conscious, mortal existence; life Hmmm… “conscious”. That introduces […]