Exploring the Mystery

Do you often find yourself wondering what the purpose of life is, how and why you exist, how you are even conscious at all, and about the nature of reality? Do you entertain the possibility of the existence of some Universal Presence greater than our individual selves? Have you ever felt you have connected with this Presence in some way?


I consider myself a mystic traveling on the road of life. I don’t claim to have all the answers – in fact the more I explore, the more I’m convinced I don’t really have any at all. I welcome you to join me in exploring consciousness, perception, existence, time, space and beyond. Please click on “Thoughts to Ponder” in the menu bar and join me in exploration and discourse.

There are many different religions and philosophies which each propose their own answers to the topics explored on this site. Some are convinced there are “correct” answers and are sure they have them. That is not the purpose of this site.  I’m not interested in correctness or debate, only in exploring all the possibilities and respectfully discussing them with an open mind. I would like to hear about your thoughts and personal experiences related to the topics I post. If you choose to comment on posts or others’ shared comments, please be respectful of individual differences in belief and refrain from any debate.

Thanks, and enjoy the discussion!

~ Daily Mystic

A place to explore the mysteries of existence